Welcome to etang de janine, carp fishing in france, for big carp, big cats, and a super relaxing holiday, only interefered by a screaming bite alarm!

etang d janine

etang de janine carp fishing in france
etang de janine situated in the loir valley france
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etang de janine is a beautiful mature 18 acre lake, deep in the loir valley, gently nestled between other lakes and the tranquil river loir, Not far from Le mans or Tours, you have the luxuary of parking your vehicle behind each of the 14 available swims, that all have a special hotspots as well as back up options to make choosing your place difficult. Browse through the lake pictures or watch the video, we are 100% confident you'll be impressed. We allow a maximum of 10 anglers from a block booking or 8 individual bookings we feel you will reep the rewards of our hard work!

The lake holds Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Grass Carp, Sturgeon, Wels Catfish plus most other species of fresh water fish.

We welcome you to arrive a little early in order to check out what area's have been productive and speak to the guests already on the venue, we have a little corner where you can bivvy for the friday night, and prepare for the following morning, rather than arrive tired and try to figure it all out for yourself on a weary mind!

We offer food packages, English breakfasts with home cooked evening meals, You can be collected from Tours airport via ryan air fly in from london stanstead or dublin to tours france London Stanstead.(soon Manchester too.)

Boilies, pellets, hemp, tigers, maize and pop ups are never a problem as I am the owner of Loirbaits and so can offer you great deals on your baiting needs, plus we feed the fish so the fish get really hooked on them!! Our online shop

We have charging ports for your bait boats, mobile telephones and walkie talkies ect, hot showers, clean toilet, plus a new lodge with kitchen facilities.

If you have any questions you are welcome to call me, David on 0033 620 100 404 or email info@loirbaits.com